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    Temperature issues after BIOS flash on Maximus IV Extreme-Z


    I've flashed my BIOS from version 706 to 902. After that, I tried to match the settings from the previous BIOS, and I've noticed that temps read by Core Temp were significantly higher than before. Before the flash I'd get temps in the low to mid 60Cs while running Prime95, and after the flash it would climb to 70C or even higher. I've also ran Prime95 with all the default settings, and it would still climb to those temps at stock speed and voltage.

    I've compared temps running on Prime95 to those running on LinX, and they seem to be higher running on Prime95 than it did on LinX. Before the flash, the opposite happens.

    I don't know if there is something wrong with this BIOS, or if there is something wrong with what I'm doing.

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