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    Asus PG278Q G-Sync causing mayor lag


    Wondering if anyone else got this issue and if someone from Asus could acknowledge this.

    Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I've been having mayor lags in all games when G-Sync is enabled.
    I've only seen one person having the same problem and it's a streamer. Here is a VOD of him playing showing exactly what is happening.

    Both of us got the issue when we upgraded to Windows 10

    What I've tried:
    Clean install Windows 10
    DDU and clean install Nvidia drivers

    Anyone know what's up?

    This seems to be happening because of having global V-Sync OFF. Guess that "dynamic G-Sync feature" isn't quite working properly in Windows 10 yet. I'll just have to wait for Nvidia to get their **** together.

    It's weird how not more people are experiencing this though which makes me worried.
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