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    Work around for people not wanting Win 10 Home to automatically download updates

    This is a personal preferance of mine. I absolutely can't stand when windows 10 bogs down my system mid game to update. I prefer to choose when and how my computer updates. Found this workaround the other night on a forum while looking as to why BF4 plays like **** with the upgrade. To Turn off windows up date open up your control panel and go to Administrative Tools. Next scroll down and open "Services". Now scroll down to "Windows Update" and right click. Select " Properties". Now under the general tab pull down the drop down bar and select "Disabled". Now whenever you do want to update you will need to reverse this and you may have to update a few times to get it current because it will no longer look or check for upgrades to the OS. So remember to periodically go in and turn it on if you decide you want to update it. Again this is just a personal preference of mine and thought I'd share it for anyone else annoyed at the force updating.

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