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    +1. I found this thread when googling this very issue. I am seeing nearly identical symptoms as the OP. Sequential reads / writes are around 2200/1250. Give it 10 mins (zero load) then it drops to 85/42.

    My set up is an ASUS Z170M-Plus mATX board, I7 6700k and the 256GB NVMe drive. I need to get to the bottom of it soon as i need to get it returned as there's clearly something wrong.

    BIOS has been updated to 0403, released on the 28th August. Running Windows 10 Pro. I thought this may have been a driver issue but i've benchmarked the drive under Linux and am achieving the same 85/42 so dont believe it to be the OS or driver.
    Trying to narrow down other things like mobo / sm951 incompatibility somehow but then it wouldn't work at all. I'm inclined to think it's a temperature thing as the OP mentioned, the NVMe drive takes 3x as much power (6w vs 2w if i recall correctly) which is just going on heat.

    Pountney, what makes you think it's not heat, all signs seem to point at an overheating problem. I've got an old CPU cooler perched just above the drive now doing nothing but cooling it, i'm still getting the slow speeds. Unfortunately, i've not been able to find any software that will read the temp sensor on it to get an accurate figure.

    I think i'll kick off an RMA later and send it back for an AHCI, it's not worth the hassle for the additional IOPS which i'll probably never use.

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