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    Rampage V only 12gb showing out of 16gb

    I'm having issues with the new Rampage V that I just bought last week. I have the G.Skill 16gb ddr4-3000 ram and the RVE will read the entire 16gb just fine without the xmp and stock settings. However, I enabled the XMP without changing anything else and it doesn't show the entire 16gb. I have changed the system voltage setings by .01v starting from 0.08 all the way up to 1.15v, only 12gb shows. Manually setting the ram does not work and the board does not boot.
    It is NOT my ram. This ram was installed with my other Rampage V just last week and it worked perfectly with the XMP profile. I moved all the old stuff onto the new board. I had to get a new one because I installed a new custom loop and in the process bent the pins on my old board.

    Is my board defective? I can't get the full 16gb to work.

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