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    Backlit and FN key problem =S

    Hi, sorry for the bad english.

    I have recently bought a new G73JW and uninstalled all the comercial crap and programs that i dont use.

    And now the FN key functions dosent work but it seem to register that i'm pressing the FN key.

    Example: to fullscreen the webb browser i press the f11 and it works but when im holding down FN and press f11 nothing happens.

    And the three buttons up in the left corner doesn't work aswell.

    And backlit dosen't work too. But when i start the comp it lights up and goes out.

    Please help, i have tried searching and google it but i cant find an answer.

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    Fixed. Needed the ATK package and asus control deck

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    Glad you were able to fix it on your own.

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