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    Clicking nosie whenever I turn off system or whenever sytem starts up after post

    Hey guys, new to the forums, also to to Asus Rog motherboards.
    I recently purchased the new z170 asus Hero motherboard and every time after computer POST there is a mechanical click noise and every time I turn off the sytem, it also makes the same noise. This is my second asus hero motherboard and both motherboards have the same issue. Im just worried if it is an issue or is just what the motherboard supposed to do.

    Previously, I had this two motherboards:
    MSI z170 krait edition and that motherboard did not make the noise.
    gigabyte z170x gaming 7 and that did not make the noise.

    System Specs
    Intel 6600k not overclocked
    Asus z170 rog hero motheboard
    evga gtx 780
    curical elite ddr4 8gb 2x4gb
    rosewill photon 550w gold power supply
    nzxt kraken x61
    850 evo 250gb
    western blue 1tb

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