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    G46V Laptop Charger Question

    So my laptop's power cord crapped out on me and I just want to hear from people who are accustomed to building machines about this dilemma.

    The problem is that finding a laptop charger with 19V output is simple, but one with the exact specs of the charger provided with the laptop is nearly impossible apart from a genuine replacement from ASUS. I would have no problem buying one direct from ASUS, but before I buy anything, I need to know - what are the risks inherent to using a generic charger to power a specialty laptop with very specific power needs? After talking it over with Geek Squad at my local Best Buy, they recommended that I buy direct from ASUS as the laptop is pretty unique and has unique power needs as a result.

    If it matters, specifically I have a HP model HSTNN-LA03 laptop charger available, which has similar specs to the original charger, but before I power it up with another charger plugged in I want to be sure it won't fry anything.
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