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    Possible Heating/Fan Issues with G751JM laptop

    So, I'll preface everything here with a blanket statement that I am not very good with computers. I know enough to usually get what I need done, but when things go wrong, or even appear to, I am quickly lost. As such, I'm not sure if what I am experiencing is a legitimate problem and something I need to get taken care of, or just a minor happening without a major threat.

    Some time during this past summer, I noticed that one of the two vents, the left hand side to be specific, on the rear of the laptop was running at a different rate than the other. Some research says that this is because the left hand is the CPU fan while the right is the GPU fan and the CPU is simply doing more work. That makes sense if it is the case, but something about the way I was able to notice a difference concerned me. I downloaded CPUID from HWMonitor to keep an eye at the internal temps of different parts and found a similar story. What concerns me is that I don't know enough about computers to know whether these numbers are good or bad.

    • The CPU tends to run between 40-56 C with occasional spikes that take it closer to 60 or beyond.
    • The GPU is often does not register, likely because Intel Optima is taking over for the Nvidia 860m. When it is there though, it reads between 32-40 C or so.
    • The Hard drive usually goes between 32-41 C staying close to the 36 mark. This one tends to be pretty steady during use.

    A few other things to note in case this helps anyone out. I'm taking these numbers during regular use most of the time rather than while gaming. I've made some tests while playing windowed games before and found that the numbers do usually run higher, but only the CPU one really seems to get up there.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can shed some light on this one for me. I fully acknowledge the possibility that I'm worrying over nothing, but after having my previous laptop experience a hard drive failure due to overheating, I would much rather be safe than sorry.

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    Hello mikethehatter

    Welcome to the ROG forum.

    It's good to be concerned about temps as high temps will degrade your components faster and shorten their life. The temps you provided are safe and nothing to worry about. You said when gaming, temps are higher and that is normal as it's putting more load on your system. The more load on your system the higher the temps will be.

    What are your cpu and gpu temps when gaming?

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    Thanks very much for the help! That is really a serious load off my mind. I will gladly take being a computer hypochondriac over another busted laptop

    I ran a quick test to see how things reacted when gaming with a couple graphically intensive games. CPU seems rather uneffected since it stayed around its usual range. The GPU kicked in and went from 31 to a highest of 50. The Hard drive was much cooler to start with, but it moved up 5 degrees in the short time. I would have to do more serious stress tests to get better data, but if the non-gaming numbers are all safe, I'd imagine these to be well within that safe range as well.

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