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    G46VW (non thunderbolt) External Display support

    Hello everyone, still using my G46VW for work and play and am happy to report some great news.

    1) 4k @ 60hz works. (MST mode for non Thunberbolt models)
    2) Display port Spillter works (more info below)

    I am using the Startech mDP to 3 DP adapter I got from amazon to drive my 3 external displays (plus 2 more externally via HDMI and VGA for a total of 5 external monitors + laptop display; so really 6 total. (resolutions below)

    2x 1680x1050
    2x 2560x1080
    1x 2560x1440
    1x 1920x1080

    The GTX 660m (@ 1150mhz) has no problem driving all these displays in Windows 10. Nor does it have any problem driving a 4k display as well as 2 other 1080P displays. (via HDMI and VGA)

    So I assume this will work for all models that have the GTX660m except for you G75 owners who do NOT have Optimus. The Intel card drives the internal display and the VGA display while the 660m does the rest. So owners of non optimus laptops will only have support for 4 displays total. If you have thunderbolt this will not work as the Thunderbolt controller only outputs DP 1.1 with does NOT supports MST. I have verified this with my thunderbolt model G46VW. That also goes without saying it will not support 4k @ 60hz only 30Hz (thunderbolt model)

    Hope that helps anybody

    Also: if you think optimus sucks or doesn't work, then don't buy a notebook with Optimus. Optimus is a tech that is NOT for everybody and if used correctly it can be a great assest. (some pros listed below)

    1) Allows for the use of Intel Quick Sync (great for OBS)
    2) Allows for full nvidia GPU load without lagging up your Windows UI (such a BOINC)
    3) Allows you to use up to 3 more displays plus your nvidia card for up to 6-7 displays total!
    4) Great for video editing as Adobe products can hammer the GPU and not cause the UI to micro stutter while Rendering effects or exporting footage. (the adobe UI is being rendered on the Intel HD Card)
    5) Great for battery life as the nvidia GPU will stay off until you run an app that is specified to run on the nvidia card.
    6) Great for movie watching, you can get 6-7 hours of movie watching on a G46VW because it's using the Intel HD card.
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