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    Gene VIII CPU_Opt Fan not showing up in Fan Xpert 3


    My CPU cooler has two fans... one plugged into the CPU_Fan connection and one plugged into the CPU_Opt connection.
    When I go into Fan Xpert 3 and run Fan Tuning, it lists out all the fans and their associated fan curves inside my case except for the CPU_Opt fan. So, again, no option to adjust the fan curve for the fan plugged into this connection.

    The odd thing, is that at the bottom of Dual Intelligent Processors 5, where it lists the fan rpm's, it shows the CPU_Opt fan there. So, I am certain that the motherboard is acknowledging that the fan is connected... it just doesn't allow any adjustment to it.

    Perhaps it is just taking the CPU fan curve an using that as a default, but I am not certain as it doesn't say that. Clarification on this would be helpful.

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    The _Opt header is a slave of the CPU fan header. There is no separate adjustment for it.

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