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    PCI-E Card issue with Rampage IV Black Edition X79

    Hi there

    So I’m having an issue with adding PCI-E cards to my computer. I’ll preface this with “I’m new to the PC world so my knowledge is limited”! 

    Here are all the specs of my PC:
    • Case: Corsair 650d
    • Motherboard: x79 Asus Rampage VI Black Edition
    • CPU: 2011 intel i7 3930k
    • RAM: Corsair Dominator platinum 1600mhz (4x4gb)
    • GPU: Asus GTX 780 direct CUII
    • Power Supply: Corsair axi1200
    • Cooling: intel Aztec 120mm water cooler
    • OS Drive: Samsung Evo 120gb SSD x2 in raid 0
    • Storage: WD black caviar 2TB
    • OS: Windows 10 (all current updates done)
    • PCI-E Capture Card: 2 x BlackMagic Decklink Duo -
    • PCI-E Capture Card: 1 x Yuan SC510N4 HDMI -

    So my issue is that when I have the GPU and nothing else installed everything works fine. I think add up to two of the capture cards (doesn’t matter what combination) and it works fine. I loaded the “Gamers Profile” in the ROG BIOS to get a stable operation of windows.

    When I add the third PCI-E card the PC starts to load windows, shows the ROG logo and then goes to a black screen. I can’t get past it. I tried loading an “Extreme Gamers” profile in the BIOS and that got me to the login screen of Windows but then once I enter my password I just get a blue screen and then shutdown. If I load the highest extreme profile in the BIOS the system won’t even start… just loops turning on and off trying to start.

    It’s really strange and the issue has got beyond my knowledge bank. The capture cards can run on PCI-E x4 so the Rampage should be able to run them.

    I’m no expert but it seems to be some BIOS configuration that I’m just no mastering. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks heaps!

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