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    Intel XTU on G30AB

    I thought I would share my experiences of using Intel XTU utility on the G30AB.
    For a start I have to say the the BIOS for the G30AB motherboard is incredibly poor with absolutely zero choices when it comes to overclocking or fan control.
    My guess would be that Asus wanted to make it totally idiot proof but in the process they have spoiled all possibility for performance tuning.

    Anyways,, luckily Intel came to the rescue with the XTU utility, but on this board at least it seems a bit quirky.

    After days of messing about with it I have found that getting it to work ( on Windows 10 64-bit anyway) I had to uninstall the AI Suite:
    This was no great loss as on this PC its next to useless. I also made sure the SystemUp or whatever they call it was uninstalled too.

    As far as using the Intel XTU utility goes, it is important to run the setup file by right clicking and using the Run As Administrator option.
    Otherwise your changes might not be used at next reboot.

    Also I found that the utility iteself is very quirky, my experience is you get one chance at changing the settings, and these will be kept to next reboot.
    However after that the next changes you make always get lost and do not persist. I used the CPUID utility to check what the CPU setting were after reboot.

    So, once you know your perfect settings, uninstall XTU. Make sure during uninstall you go into the options and choose delete all profiles.

    Then reboot and reinstall XTU, make your settings, and exit the program. Check on the task bar on the bottom right that XTU is not running.
    It usually is so right click on the XTU icon and chose exit or close. Then reboot your computer and check with CPUID...

    For me, I now have my PC running at 3 GHz cool and quiet, even after multiple reboots. And no need to start XTU again.
    And it could have been quieter too but since the BIOS has next to no fan options I cannot tune down the radiator fan speed..

    Good Luck but anyway XTU does work for tuning if you are careful about how you handle it...
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