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    Congratulations ASUS you've lost a customer for life

    All of the ASUS motherboards i've ever bought have been reliable and served me well. When it came time to upgrade, based on my track record, i'd buy another ASUS motherboard as the ones i previously bought were reliable, worked well, and the drivers didn't give me problems.

    ASUS built up BRAND LOYALTY over the last decade i've been buying their products. They provided me with good quality products which made the choice to upgrade very simple -- buy more ASUS products.

    This time around they have achieved the opposite. I've owned a Xonar Phoebus sound card for just over a year and already it's obsolete. Their new STRIX RAID DLX sound card supports Windows 10, while the Xonar Phoebus is left behind with no news or information for the last few months.

    Windows 10 is not a new operating system, the BETA was out for months and manufacturers as well as OEM's were provided with driver support information by Microsoft a very long time ago. Most leading PC manufacturers had first party dirvers ready for Windows 10 on release day... But not ASUS.

    Now you've got users downloading older drivers, hacking ini files, running drivers in compatibility mode, and doing all sorts of silly workarounds in order to get old features back that were removed without warning (flex bass, dolby over S/PDIF). What a joke.

    The funny thing is, in time, i would have upgraded to the STRIX RAID DLX because i'm going to be building a new computer in the next few weeks.

    Thanks to this treatment ASUS have done two things.

    1) My new machine will have *NO* ASUS branded components. No ASUS motherboard, sound card, or graphics card.
    2) I will not be buying any of their sound cards ever again, and will let all my friends and colleagues know to stay away from them.

    Great job ASUS, you've lost a customer.

    GARBAGE. So ****ing annoyed right now.

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    Castiell07 PC Specs
    MotherboardAsus Z87-PLUS
    ProcessorIntel i7 4770K
    Memory (part number)CMY8GX3M2A1600C9
    Graphics Card #1Asus GTX 770 DCII O.C
    Sound CardAsus Xonar Phoebus Solo
    MonitorAsus VN247H
    Storage #1Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
    Storage #2Corsair Force GS 128GB
    CPU CoolerCorsair H100i
    CaseCooler Master HAF XM Windowed
    Power SupplyCorsair CS750M
    Keyboard Logitech G710+
    Mouse Logitech G502 Proteus Core
    Headset Logitech G430
    Mouse Pad Logitech G240
    Headset/Speakers Creative Inspire T6060
    OS Windows 10 Pro
    Network RouterAsus N55U

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    Exactly. Asus lose me too.
    Good Job Asus.

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    garbage brand... im done for life.

    p.s. had just one part in my computer from asus and even this little part couldnt keep me satisfied with the brand... what a joke.

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    I don't think they care.

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    Veggie PC Specs
    MotherboardAsus Maximus 6 Formula
    Memory (part number)16 gb Crucial Balistix
    Graphics Card #1EVGA 980 TI SSC+ Ek Waterblock
    Sound CardAsus Xonar Phoebus
    MonitorAcer Predator XB271HU
    Storage #1120 Gb Kingston HyperX
    Storage #2WD black 1TB Raid 0
    CPU CoolerEk Waterblock
    CaseNZXT Swtch 810
    Power SupplySeasonic X1050
    Keyboard Corsair K70 RGB
    Mouse Razer Mamba 2012
    Headset ATH-M30x

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    Jul 2015

    Same here. No more asus for me!

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    Dicehunter PC Specs
    MotherboardAsus ROG Maximus XI Hero Z390
    ProcessorIntel Core i9 9900K @ 5.00GHz
    Memory (part number)Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB *4x8GB* 3600MHz
    Graphics Card #2Asus GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition @ 2000/6000
    Graphics Card #3Corsair Commander Pro
    Graphics Card #4Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub x 2
    Sound CardCreative Sound Blaster X AE-9 + Custom RGB Backplate
    MonitorAsus ROG Strix XG248Q 24" 1080P 240Hz
    Storage #1WD Black SN750 1TB + WD Heatsink
    Storage #2Western Digital Caviar Black 6TB + 6TB
    CPU CoolerCorsair H150i Pro + 6 x Corsair HDRGB 120mm Fans
    CaseCorsair 680 X - Red + 3 x Corsair HDRGB 120/140mm Fans
    Power SupplyCorsair RMi 1000w + Black Cablemod Kit
    Keyboard Asus ROG "Claymore 100%" RGB Cherry MX Blue + Black PBT Double Shot Keycaps
    Mouse Asus ROG Spatha
    Headset Sennheiser 660s
    Mouse Pad Asus ROG Sheath
    Headset/Speakers Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm + DT990 Pro 250 Ohm
    OS Windows 10 - Professional 64 Bit Edition
    Accessory #1 Beyerdynamic Fox Pro + Mic Arm + Shock Mount
    Accessory #2 Corsair ST100 x 2
    Accessory #3 Asus ROG Spotlight
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    Aug 2011

    I bought a Creative ZXR yesterday and sold my Phoebus, The sound quality is actually better I should have done this a while ago.

    Creative have had the driver out for around a month now for Windows 10.

    Never buying Asus ever again and I will actively warn people to stay away from Asus as it's clear they have no respect for their customers.

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    Der Support ist wirklich Mangelware. Was habt ihr euch dabei nur gedacht, Asus? Eure nächste Soundkarten- Generation soll wieder einen C- Media
    Chip haben, der Support wird womöglich genauso wie bei der Phoebus durch Abwesenheit glänzen!
    Phoebus Cartel still exists!
    Mainboard:ASUS +6H
    GPU: GTX 1080 Auros Gigabyte
    CPU: R5 1600X stock
    PSU: Be quiet straight power 10 500W
    RAM: Trident Z DDR4 3600 @3,2 Ghz CL16

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    Their next sound card's drivers are in a beta state as well.

    There needs to be an antitrust lawsuit or something in regards to this. Because their next sound card also uses C-Media codec chips.

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    I was about to buy the ASUS MG279Q 27 inch 4ms black monitor but after seeing how badly they treat the sound card section i won`t be buying anything ASUS from now on.

    Such a big company and such a crappy support is not worthy to be on top anymore. Look at Apple for instance (and i hate Apple also) they ask premium price for their products but also give premium support ... ASUS asks premium price and can`t afford to pay few guys to answer on their forums... and this not even on regular products ... we are talking about ROG series ...
    i7-4790k + Corsair H80i | Asus Maximus VII Ranger | 16 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1866 | Sapphire R9-290 OC Vapor-X 4GB | Asus Xonar Phoebus + Audio Technica M50 | 1xSSD Corsair 120 GB | 4x1 TB Seagate HDD | Corsair CX750M | Corsair Carbide 300R | Razer Taipan + Logitech G11 | Windows 10 64bit

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    Paehn PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)G73jh
    MotherboardRampage III Extreme/P8Z68-V Pro Gen3
    Processorx5670 @ 4.2/i7-2600k @ 4.6
    Memory (part number)PV2312G1600LLK/PV38G213C1K
    Graphics Card #1GTX 980 Strix/GTX 960 SSC
    Sound CardRLTK ALC889/Sound Blaster FX PCIe
    MonitorLG 27MP38VQ-B
    Storage #1Samsung PM830 128GB SSD
    Storage #2WD1001FALS-00j7B0 SATA lll
    CPU CoolerCooler Master V6-GT
    CaseCooler Master Cosmos 1000
    Power SupplyCooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200w
    Keyboard Razer Reclusa/Nostromo
    Mouse Razer Deathadder Chroma
    Headset Plantronics Gamescom
    Mouse Pad Razer Destructor
    Headset/Speakers Logitech Z-2300
    OS Win 10 Pro x64
    Accessory #1 NZXT Sentry LX

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    Jul 2013

    I gave up on ASUS years ago because of their poor customer service... I will not buy another ASUS/ROG product until that changes...

    On another note, I thought the new sound card was based on an ESS chipset.

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