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    Congratulations ASUS you've lost a customer for life

    All of the ASUS motherboards i've ever bought have been reliable and served me well. When it came time to upgrade, based on my track record, i'd buy another ASUS motherboard as the ones i previously bought were reliable, worked well, and the drivers didn't give me problems.

    ASUS built up BRAND LOYALTY over the last decade i've been buying their products. They provided me with good quality products which made the choice to upgrade very simple -- buy more ASUS products.

    This time around they have achieved the opposite. I've owned a Xonar Phoebus sound card for just over a year and already it's obsolete. Their new STRIX RAID DLX sound card supports Windows 10, while the Xonar Phoebus is left behind with no news or information for the last few months.

    Windows 10 is not a new operating system, the BETA was out for months and manufacturers as well as OEM's were provided with driver support information by Microsoft a very long time ago. Most leading PC manufacturers had first party dirvers ready for Windows 10 on release day... But not ASUS.

    Now you've got users downloading older drivers, hacking ini files, running drivers in compatibility mode, and doing all sorts of silly workarounds in order to get old features back that were removed without warning (flex bass, dolby over S/PDIF). What a joke.

    The funny thing is, in time, i would have upgraded to the STRIX RAID DLX because i'm going to be building a new computer in the next few weeks.

    Thanks to this treatment ASUS have done two things.

    1) My new machine will have *NO* ASUS branded components. No ASUS motherboard, sound card, or graphics card.
    2) I will not be buying any of their sound cards ever again, and will let all my friends and colleagues know to stay away from them.

    Great job ASUS, you've lost a customer.

    GARBAGE. So ****ing annoyed right now.

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