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    Problem with G751JL usb

    Hi all,

    I have a question about my new G751JL.

    I bought this laptop about two weeks ago, recently I copied a usb flash drive i keep all my music on to the new laptop and all went well.
    Each time I try to copy from the laptop to a new flash drive it will complete, but its very slow and lags the computer horribly. It runs in about 2 second intervals of working and lagging, spiking up and then bottoming out over and over until all files are transferred.

    I have tried this process with 4 different usb drives, all of them new.

    I replaced the factory hard drive the first day I had laptop with a Samsung 850 Pro, thinking that something there was the problem I reinstalled the factory hard drive and the results were the same.

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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    Read HERE and HERE
    ONLY after you've read these posts & THEIR THREAD, please, reply.
    Take note that your post is too general, and does NOT contains info like your OS version, whether it was installed from scratch or not ( asus OEM installed OS ) and whatever drivers are installed, which usb ports have you used, what type of USB HW ( 1.1/2.0/3.0 ) have you used etc..etc...etc...

    Plus, I can add / ask:
    1. You should install intel iRST driver -> search google / intel site for "how to".
    For your SSD, you should install Samsung magician application ( make sure you ENABLE "Rapid Mode".
    if you're using Win 10, perform THIS hack to enable it)
    2. You should make sure your AHCI driver is INTEL's... NOT Microsoft ( read HERE for more )!
    3. Install the latest Intel INF by download the SetupChipset.exe from INTEL's site and install it with admin privileges with the following command:
    SetupChipset.exe -overall
    4. Are you booting your OS from UEFI formated drive that was installed on GPT drive OR using "CMS enabled" ( AKA bios emulation ) on an MBR formated drive ?

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