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    new to intel

    hello all, i would like some advice on doing a modest overclock with my maximus hero vii and the 4790k cpu. Right now it is all default with the turbo enabled and the amd gamer series ram is at the rated 2133 speed. With the turbo enabled i am seeing 4.3-4.5 ghz while gaming, but would like to have it at 4.5-4.7 all the time. My temps are no higher than 46 degrees with the corsair h105 cooler. I was able to overclock my 8350 by disabling the turbo and bumping up the multiplyer but the wording is a little different with my intel
    board. Here is what i am running...
    maximus vii hero motherboard with the latest bios
    sapphire r9-290 oc tri-x video cards in crossfire
    amd gamer series ram at 2133 mhz ( 16 gig )
    ocz 1000 watt power supply
    corsair h105 cpu cooler
    intel 4790 k cpu
    250 gig ssd ( samsung )
    2 western digital 1 tb hdd
    soundblaster 3d recon soundcard
    windows 10 pro
    all in the thermaltake x9 case
    any and all advice would be greatly appreciated, just looking for the most performance i can get. I have heard good and bad about the ram i am using, so, is it good ram or is something else recommended.
    thanks all for the time you take to reply.

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