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    Asus Strix Raid & Soar sounds cards

    I was just wondering who bought or is planning to buy an Asus Strix sound card after the, i dare to say "disaster", of the Phoebus sound card.

    To me the Strix series seems to be more a new "hood" then actually a real "engine" upgrade. Sure the Strix Raid DLX comes with some component upgrades but i wonder how many people have the ears AND equipment to notice any real difference in day to day use.

    Some part of me tells me that Asus released the Strix series with Windows 10 "support" and Sonic Studio control panel to say to their customers "buy the Strix even if you already have the Phoebus if you want to use it on Windows 10"
    I have the feeling that the reason is that the new Windows 10 beta drivers reverted back to the old (imho better) control panel is to make Sonic Studio a Strix exclusive. One more attempt from Asus to push people to the new Strix.

    I'm wondering though why Asus opted for the C-Media CM6632AX DSP which is a native USB 2.0 chip for the new Strix PCIe x1 sound cards.

    Any thoughts and/or opinions?

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    Word of advice, don`t ever buy something from ASUS that you have to rely on them to make a driver. GPUs/MB is ok, the Chipset producers will handle the drivers, but on sound cards just stay as far away as you can.
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