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    Is there a way to save power to run longer in battery G751JT?

    Is there any quick way to use less of the laptop to save power ? I need it when I do official works on battery. things that a duel core with no gpu can handle.
    Is there an option to disable the 970m and use processor gpu as needed quickly.and may be an option to turn off 2 cores

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    Is there an option to disable the 970m
    Yes there is. Put your laptop in sleep mode - voila GPU is disabled
    Seriously, it's the only way.
    turn off 2 cores
    Nope, either you turn off all 4 cores or none at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corporal View Post
    Nope, either you turn off all 4 cores or none at all.
    Adding an expansion question from this response: can't this be done in the BIOS setup, if not in Windows? I seem to recall, for my old G55, being able to disable hyper threading and/or two of the four cores from the BIOS setup. I could be remembering incorrectly, though.

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