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    Update Win10 no longer boots on SSD

    Hello !

    I'm coming here to find some help kind of as a last resort.

    My config :

    Motherboard : Maximus Hero VI
    CPU : I7 4770
    GPU : Asus GTX 770
    RAM : 2x8go
    SSD Samsung 840 Evo
    plus 2 HDDs.

    A few weeks ago, i updated my PC to Win10 (from Win7).
    As i was checking for new updates coming along with Win10 for each device (LAN, Sound, GPU, Softwares (Btw, the update for Gamefirst screwed my licence up xD) etc.) I had the worst idea ever : Updating the Bios.

    That's about where it all went wrong.

    1) I checked the current version of the bios on my computer which was the 0903.
    2) I went to the Asus site -> Motherboards -> Maximus Hero VI -> Support -> And i Downloaded the latest one available back then : 1505
    3) I opened EZupdate and browsed looking for the 1505 version.
    4) I started the update.
    5) Everything went well. The latest version of the bios got installed right.
    6) I rebooted my PC (Had some other drivers updated before the Bios update and didn't reboot before updating the bios)
    7) Grub Rescue.
    8) Tears.
    9) Had in one of my HDDs like a ghost partition remaining from an old Win 7. This partition was empty but still considered as dualboot (i never took the time to erase it ...)
    10) I unplugged all my storage devices except the SSD (with Win10 on it) to make it boot.
    11) PC's booting on BIOS. SSD not found.
    12) Tried a couple of things in the options, with the hardware (plugging it on different SATA ports). Nothing.
    13) I used my Laptop (Asus too ... lot of that going on haha) to download the former version of the bios aka 0903
    14) I put it on a USB key, renamed it properly, used the USB flashback port, pushed the button for the proper amount of seconds and thus ran the Bios flashback.
    15) Once that done, i turned the PC back on, full of hope.
    16) Boot on Bios ... BUT The flaskback actually worked. The SSD is recognized among the SATA ports but doen't appear in the boot sequence.
    17) I've tried different things since then to make it work ... With the different SATA modes, i've used every piece of knowledge i have (which isn't much) on SSDs, SATA ports, BIOS etc to make it work ... but Nothing did.

    The last solution i managed to come up with was to plug the SSD to another PC to Clean Install Win7 on it, plug it back on my PC then Update it to Win10 again.

    But honestly ... I don't see how it would work.

    Help me please ! Thank you for your attention and your replies, i hope we'll find a solution together (Other than gaming, i really need my PC to work ... I'm pretty screwed without it.)

    PS: I'm sorry if there are some mistakes with the language, English is not my native language
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    I had a problem where my PC will always go into bootloop. I installed windows 7 again and it worked so try and install a fresh windows OS again

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    Storage #1Samsung 970 EVO 500GB M.2
    Storage #2Samsung 840EVO 500GB and 960 M.2 pro
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    Hi Novakim and Welcome to ROG

    As you have successfully updated your Bios, your problem is probably Bios settings. So clear CMOS and start afresh.

    1. Check in Bios that Fast boot is disabled.
    2. Make sure AHCI is enabled.
    3. Change/Inspect your SATA and power cables, and that connection is configured correctly. (Try switching around SATA ports)
    4. Ensure SSD is recognized and boot priority is set correctly in Bios.
    5. Do a clean install of W10 from ISO using DVD or USB.

    It should work, but if not then we will have to trouble-shoot hardware.

    The last solution i managed to come up with was to plug the SSD to another PC to Clean Install Win7 on it, plug it back on my PC then Update it to Win10 again. BAD IDEA.
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