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    Post G751JY Strange buzzing sound (Coil whine?)


    I have G751JY with GTX 980M.
    When i play a game i can hear strange buzzing sound coming from right side of my laptop.
    It´s not loud noise. I need to move my ear close to the laptop to hear it.

    This occurs only with certain games, but i noticed it first when i played skyrim.
    Noise does stop if i go to menu during gameplay.

    I have read that it could be coil whine.

    Should i be worried? I got this laptop three months ago and i noticed this sound yesterday.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Nope, you shouldn't be worried.

    If it's making noise, it's a physical thing. You obviously can't be causing it yourself. Hence, if it goes poof, warranty will cover it and worst case scenario is you get a new laptop (or this one gets fixed).

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