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    OC3D: Asus Maximus VIII Extreme Skylake 1151 8 Extreme DDR4

    Not a review,just an in depth introduction (up close and personal). The M8E is a beautiful mobo.

    Hope the bios and drivers are worked out!!


    Some motherboards are just made to be the best of the best, offering the newest and fastest technologies long before they become mainstream, these motherboards also feature the most advanced BIOS' and overengineered power delivery systems that can be fitted to them offering a world class overclocking experience and the ability to use features which won't be seen by mainstream PC builders for some time.

    The ASUS Republic of Gamers Maximus Extreme line of motherboards has many examples of these kinds of motherboard, a collection of engineering masterpieces on both the software and the hardware sides delivering some of the best overclocking performance generation after generation.

    The Maximus VIII Extreme is ASUS' flagship motherboard for Intel's Skylake CPUs, offering several unique features for the platform like having a U.2 port on the motherboard to use with Ultra fast NVMe based storage to being able to create an Intel RAID Volume more easily within the ASUS BIOS with ASUS's EZ Wizard.
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