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    G750 Best buy edition memory upgrade

    Hello guys,

    Model: G750JM-BSI7N23

    I bought the cheap G750 from Best Buy back in the day. Now that Fallout 4 specs are out... i finally have a reason to upgrade the original 6GB of memory that was installed. So, the question is ... what is the correct way? There have been a ton of discussion on what memory, etc. However this one is a strange setup that has an existing 4 and 2 gig simm installed.

    Should I buy two 4s, two 2s, or simply one simm?

    Is there any optimal method?
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    That's weird that JM came with 6GB of ram. My JW from bestbuy came with 8.
    As long as the new 4GB chip has the same speed (or faster) as the one you already have, you'll be fine. They don't have to be the same brand, though some people swear by it (they are not computer engineers). Remove the 2GB and place a new proper 4GB for a total of 8GB.
    If you get a faster chip, it'll be underclocked to match the slower one (this is normal).
    Check the stickies in the forum. There is a special voltage for the upgrade. That's all you should really be worried about.

    I'm excited too!

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