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    Uninstalled ASUS AI Suite III, now all case fans turn off after boot. Please help.

    Before: I would hear my case fans at boot and the fans would run after I logged in to the computer.

    I installed ASUS AI Suite III, explored FanXpert, and eventually decided to uninstall AI Suite.

    Now: I hear my case fans at boot and in bios, but all of them turn off after I log in to my computer.

    Can someone help me figure out how to have my fans run all the time?

    I am on Windows 10 (64 bit), ASUS Hero VII, Bios 2702... I am not sure what details matter.

    I have the Enthoo Pro case and my CPU fan goes to the motherboard for PWM.

    I have the BeQuiet Dark Pro 3 as my CPU fan and it is completely off (as well as all my other case fans) after I log in.

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