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    G751JY additional equipment

    Hey guys.

    Recently I bought Asus G751JY.
    It's connected to another monitor, keyboard and mouse and it will mostly be used as a stationary computer.

    I'd like to put my laptop on a stand, since I have that kind of setup at work and I'd like to set it up at home as well.
    I would like to be able to set the height, have additional USB connections and have some extra cooling.
    I was looking at something like CoolerMaster Ergostand III.
    Most of my worries come from the fact that this laptop is really heavy and I worry that these kind of stand won't hold it's weight.

    Does anyone have any experience with these kind of stands and do you have any recommendations?

    Also, I was looking at backpacks for this laptop, and again, size is the problem. Any experience with something like this?

    Thanks everyone

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    4,151 I see they have a ROG backpack for the G752 no reason that one wouldn't work for a G751. As far a weight goes you notebook is about 9 lbs. you not using the track pad or keyboard so your only really dealing with the dead weight of the notebook? USB 3.0 hubs are fairly easy to find, One thing about them is even the powered ones still use the 500ml amp output from your notebook so multiple high draw devices could be an issues.
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    Yeah, I'm not using touchpad and keyboard on the laptop, only thing that would put weight on the stand is the laptop itself.

    My current setup looks like this:

    With the stand laptop could be at about the same height as the monitor, and I would get some extra USB since currently I have only one that's available. Also, I could get some extra space on the desk.
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