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    guru3d: ASUS Z170 ROG Maximus VIII Extreme review

    This review was buried in the Maximus Z170 thread by ram8704

    and thought it would be better to get the info out to more member views, here.



    The bottom line

    looking back, the ASUS Z170 ROG Maximus VIII Extreme is not that far away from the HERO (220 EURO), also a marvelous motherboard, it has top looks and design, excellent USB connectivity, one Intel Gigabit jack and if you feel the need to tweak, there's just plenty of options in the BIOS to go nuts. Though we do not have a final price just yet we expect this board to sell in the 350 EURO range. The included WIFI solution on the Extreme however is close to perfection as far as I am concerned, the ASUS multi-band AC WIFI hauls azzzz. Your DDR4 memory can be easily configured by enabling the XMP 2.0 profile. You will gain excellent features combined with seriously nice performance and very decent energy consumption levels. I have no doubt that some of you can reach 5 GHz on this CPU, the ASUS motherboard will certainly allow for this. The reality remains though, this motherboard will allow any tweak, your challenge in terms of overclocking will be the processor and not so much the motherboards these days. The overall combination of the ASUS Z170 ROG Maximus VIII Extreme and a Core i7 6700K however is a majestic symbiosis we feel.

    Aside from some very swanky features like the coolest WIFI and OC Panel I am not sure if the extra 150 bucks would be worth the price premium over the Maximus Hero, regardless plenty of you will most surely disagree with me on that. It is good to have the options though. The ASUS ROG Maximus VIII is a terrific Z170 motherboard with all the bells and whistles you need, and then some more. Regardless of the fact you choose the HERO or Extreme, you will without doubt like what you purchase. That's a Guru3D guarantee.
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