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    ASUS N53Jq Notebook Motherboard Intel Chipset's Temperature probe and CPU's TurboBoos

    Hello, I have ASUS N53Jq Notebook but I installed gadgets "TurboBoost_Monitor_v1" and "TurboBoost_Monitor_v2" but Turbo Boost not working, also computer's FAN/COOLER working always so fast. I run "Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool" but CPU is OK after I run ASUS NBProbe and Hardware Monitor. Harware Monitor shows high chipset temperature maybe that is why cooler working so fast. Maybe chipsets thermoprobe is broken and that is why Turbo boost is not working aslo. I have last BIOS version 211 but could not find from BIOS how to enable Turbo Boost. Maybe Motherboard's Intel chipsets showing wrong 97 C high temperature. Is it possible if wrong hight temp of chipset that is why turbo boost is not working ?

    P.S. Any Advice appreciated ?

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    Well maybe your turbo boost not working because if the chipset is 97c it probably the chipset who don´t give permission for you can turn on your turbo boost, that temperature is not normal. You have to clean your notebook

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