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    G750JW New SSD and fresh Win10 installation has less than expected free space

    After over a year of ownership of a G750JW, I decided to grab myself an SSD. It is a PNY CS2100 240gb. I used Asus backtracker to install the OS from the old HDD which was upgraded to Win10. I didn't realize that it would do a fresh installation of Win8. No big deal, I will just upgrade again to Win10. Did that and everything runs fine. One thing alarms me though is that I have 167GB free out of 202GB shown in "My computer" with the drive being a 240GB SSD. I feel like this is not normal? A fresh install should not take up around 70GB of space? Is there something that I did not do correctly?

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    When you upgraded to Win10, a folder was created in the root directory called Windows.old, and is normally around 15GB or larger in size. You can delete it using this method...

    How to Delete the Windows.old Folder to Free Up Space

    You could also check in System Protection to see if System Restore is enabled, and if so adjust the disk space usage as necessary...

    You might also want to either disable hibernation or set it to reduced (reduces the size of the hiberfile (C:\hiberfil.sys) to about half of its full size....

    Hibernate - Enable or Disable in Windows 10

    Hiberfile Type - Specify as Full or Reduced in Windows 10
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    How snappy is the performance now? Is it a significant improvement? How big is your secondary drive?

    I was just looking at the possibility of installing an SSD for the main drive and a 2 Tb secondary drive for (part of) my Steam library.

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    I have already taken care of the Windows.old folder and the hiberfile.sys before this. Still only 170GB out of 202GB. Can't really think of anything else.

    There is a huge improvement in loading times. From pressing the power button to sitting on the desktop is mere seconds now. Photos in folders load pretty much instantly now.
    I bough this drive for that exact reason. Have an SSD for some games while the rest are on the 1TB HDD. Everything else I don't need is on a 2TB external HDD. Looking at it now, I wish I spent a little more and got the 480gb SSD. Definitely recommend getting an SSD. If price allows it, get more than 250GB.

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    Hi 87Shark, and welcome to the ROG forum.

    You shouldn't worry about the space it's normal when using the Asus Backtracker, but that can be fixed.
    You need to realize, the Asus Backtracker will install the OEM OS
    (windows 8, in your case) , and all the Asus installed programs plus bloatware.
    You can gain some space by removing some of that bloatware, just keep what you really need.
    Now the Asus Backtracker also recreates the recovery partition about 20GB.
    If you want to regain that 20 GB just open Backtracker, then select the option to remove the recovery partition.
    After you upgrade to W10 again, you should clean the windows old folder, that should be about 20-22 GB gain of space.

    PS: BTW I keep all my games on the HDD, if you add the "Games partition" to indexing options that should help with load times.
    Plus I don't see any performance issues with my games on the HDD.

    Hope this helps you my friend?
    Good luck, and good gaming!
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