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    Quote Originally Posted by OPPG-Wolfseye View Post
    No of course different sound doesnt mean better, but what "better" or "worse" is, thats a matter of preferrence. If you're happy with your Onboard, thats fine, and noone can dispute that. But other people, like me for instance, might not be so happy with the Onboard, compared to for example the new Asus Strix Soundcards. For me, they are more to my liking when it comes to sound. There are other reasons as well, but thats just in relation to this topic.
    My point is that you simply can not compare onboard ALC1150 with a 200+ dollar sounds card using 60 dollar headset/speakerset as those units are simply not capable of producing better SQ between those two sources.

    It's always best to upgrade your weakest link fist and for almost all people that will mean upgrade headset/speakerset first and then consider upgrading your soundcard after.

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    Graphics Card #1NVIDIA Quadro GP100GL/16GB, 16xPCIe3, NVLink1 (SLI-HB)
    Graphics Card #2NVIDIA Quadro GP100GL/16GB, 16xPCIe3, NVLink1 (SLI-HB)
    Sound CardJDS Labs O2+ODAC (RevB), USB2 UAC1
    MonitorASUS PG278Q
    Storage #1Samsung 850 PRO 512GB SSDs, 4xSATA3 RAID0
    Storage #2Comay BladeDrive E28 3200GB SSD, 8xPCIe2
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    CaseObsidian 750D (original), 6xNH-A14
    Power SupplyZalman/FSP ZM1250 Platinum
    Headset Pilot P51 PTT *modded*
    OS Arch, Gentoo, Win7x64, Win10x64
    Network RouterActiontec T3200M VDSL2 Gateway
    Accessory #1 TP-Link AC1900 Archer T9E, 1xPCIe
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    Accessory #3 ASUS OC Panel I (FW0501)
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    It's a shame that the major impetus in gaming is pure graphics while quality of sound falls by the wayside.

    The sound hardware can do so much yet most games are hardly worth listening to. I guess all you really need is a forgettable chunk of angry music and a sense of direction for locating where that gunfire came from - who cares what it sounds like as long as it looks amazing! - but it would be nice if more game titles made the extra effort needed to really own the soundscape.

    Agreed, a sound card is full of more dedicated hardware and audio processing power than a single little chip on the mobo. It's just so underused that it's a waste unless you can pair it with a game which makes it really do its magic.

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