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    This is what I've been trying for now. The grooves on the pad hold the PC open, and it's nearly impossible to knock it over without taking it off first.
    It still gets hot as hell. After about an hour, It was around 77 degrees.

    Not giving up yet, though. If indeed, I can't build a stand or frame out of wood that works, I think I'll consider disassembling the cooling pad and seeing if it's possible to incorporate it into the cover-side of the G20. It's relatively thin and simple, so I don't really see any glaring flaws with this. Is there anyone here on the forum who ever tried drilling holes into the ducting?

    Edit: Like this, however. The temperature stays perfect. Only went about 68 once.

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    Edit Again: Interestingly, the overall system temp, even with the case closed has actually dropped a whole lot. This includes the CPU.
    The 980ti however can still go as high as 77 if the computer is sitting on top of the cooling pad with the case partially opened. The 980ti is supposed to primarily vent heat out of the back of the PC, right? I'm wondering just where I should be focusing on for airflow.

    Edit Again Again:
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    With this, I can keep it at a decent temp. Hell, in some less demanding games I was able to keep it as low as below room temperature. I think I know what I'm going to do for now. The screw holes on the top and bottom of the case could fit some sort of bracket that would theoretically allow the case to stand up and stand open. I think I'll investigate this for now.
    In the meantime, I guess this will be sufficient. It's cold enough right now that I feel like turning the fans down lower.
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    Well done pal.

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