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    GTX 970 - too much power? + Need a pic of your jumpers!

    Well, hello there!

    I've upgraded my gpu from a gtx 750 to a gtx 970, a few months ago.

    Since there, I played and tested the gpu a lot. In my opinion it was definitley worth.

    BUT, something made my suspicious. The point is, i can not max out the full power of the gpu, only 90% on msi afterburner, which is really annoying, because I want to use the full power of my gpu.

    I don't have any ideas anymore, how I could fix it. Could the jumpers be the problem? How are your jumpers set, in combiniation with the gtx 970 (I'd be glad, if you can take a picture of your jumpers).
    Or could it be something different?

    And by the way, I use a 230W and a 180W cable.

    Hope you can help me

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