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    G750JZ Not charging no matter what I try.

    Hey guys so in the past few days my laptop everytime i play games the battery goes on and off quickly and stops then sometimes it just doesnt charge, I tried the " power cycle " trick.. It worked a few times and then it stopped working. Yesterday my laptop suddenly started charging after i plugged in the AC power then i directly rebooted this G750JZ into it's factory settings, I thought it was all fixed but then when I opened my game " TERA " it again stopped charging on and off like before.. but then it started charging again so I got worried and turned off my laptop and disattached my AC PLUG for about 3 hours then when I plugged in the AC PLUG just now it wont charge anymore.. Please help me I have tried everything.

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    You can stop looking for solution and just smash the piece of junk into the wall.
    its not like i have enormous sense of self importance, its just that im importanter than most

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