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    Frmr Rog, now custom. Array FKnHeretic PC Specs
    FKnHeretic PC Specs
    MotherboardASRock Extreme 4 Z77
    Processori5 4690k
    Memory (part number)FuryX, OC, 1866 16gb
    Graphics Card #1Zotac GTX970, OC
    Graphics Card #2HD4600
    Graphics Card #3GTX750 2gb
    Sound CardPurity SPDIF
    MonitorVx248 x 3
    Storage #11tb/500gb/500gb/4tb/256ssd
    CPU CoolerCorsair LC
    CaseThorex ATX, Mid
    Power Supply850w Corsair Modular
    Keyboard ROG
    Mouse Logitec Hyperion
    Headset Astro A40
    Mouse Pad Generic
    Headset/Speakers Astro Mixamp, Logitech 7.1
    OS Win8.1/Arch Linux
    Network RouterBelkin
    Accessory #1 N64 USB controller
    Accessory #2 SuperNES usb controller
    Accessory #3 Scuf360 USB

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    Lightbulb G20 AJ - How to get surround display back in PhysX option with VGA (GTX750)

    Is the surround option missing from NVidia Control Panel after upgrading to Windows 10?

    Unit tested and confirmed solutions:
    GTX750 (2GB, Asus)

    I can not guarantee this will work on other models, however, it is logical that it would work.

    In case you are like me and gave the windows 10 update a try, then realized that windows 10 Nvidia drivers do not support surround display the same way 8.1 did (VGA works in 8.1, not windows 10) you have 2 options:

    1. Do not use VGA (A bothersome solution for the GTX750, 1 DVI, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI)
    2. Revert to 8.1 and wait for Nvidia/Windows 10 support

    Revert to windows 8.1 by using the factory reset option in windows

    If you run into problems here, refer to this:

    If no problems, or after following previous steps:

    Simply reinstall your graphics driver from nvidia, reboot and it will return to surround option being available.

    You do not need to use any additional tools (graphic driver removers etc) to get this to work as popular suggestion exists on the internet searches. Simply do a clean graphics install using the clean install option built into the Nvidia software.

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