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    Anyone found solution with sound cutting? Im using updated Windows 10.
    My issue is when I run game sometimes sound cut happens after 5 or 30 sec of runnig game, im using TeamSpeak 3 all time. Sometimes after sound cut another problem is appear, my mic starting to play sound like "brrr, brrr ,brrr" very fast and my voice is distorted, to solve it I have to go to Sonic Studio and switch input from mic to line then back.
    Tried to quit Teamspeak during that issue but no luck.
    What to do with sound cutting problem?
    I tried to using Sonic Studio 1.1.13 and 1.1.18, I tried to install Asmedia USB drivers, and
    Tried to disable Noise Gate and Perfect Voice.
    Nothing helped me.
    Appreciate for any help.

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