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    Cant install Hyper-V on Win10

    I have a problem related to installing Hyper-V on Windows 10 Enterprise x64.

    When I enable Hyper-V platform windows feature everything is installed just fine (or so it seems) without any errors or warnings. I get the "Windows needs to reboot your PC to finish installing the requested changes." prompt and I click on "restart now" button. And here the things get weird. During the restart I see the common "adding/configuring new feature" windows message until the progress reaches 93%. Then some sort of an error occurs and I get a message saying the changes could not be applied and the system is "undoing changes". As you can guess after the system boots the Hyper-V platform is not installed.

    I have a compatible CPU (6700k i7) and motherboard( asus rog viii hero).
    In the Bios of the motherboard i have enabled vt-d and hyperthreading, i didnt find the option for SLAT on my motherboard. but im guessing that it would be enabled by default??
    Can anyone tell me what i am missing, or which settings i have to change in bios on this particular motherboard?

    What can i do to find my problem so i can install Hyper-V

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