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    Fan Extension and thermistor cable

    I have a few questions about mounting the fan extension board and the thermistor cable. I've posted them to Asus Support but thought I'd throw it out here for responses too.

    Fan Extension board mounting
    1. Where is it intended that I mount the Fan Extension board in a computer case?
    2. The mounting holes don't line up with anything.
    3. I didn't receive any screws for the mounting brackets. What size and dimension of screws do I need?
    4. The fan extension controller board can't be mounted perpendicular to the mounting surface; the supplied mounting brackets mean it must be mounted at right angle to the mounting surface. Is there a way to mount it so it lays flat against the case and doesn't stick out from the case?
    5. When lying the fan extension flat on the case, it causes a short circuit through the contact of the metal solder points of the fan extension board against the case. I'd suggest the solder point should be non conductive or sealed with a non conductive product.

    Affixing the Thermistor Cable
    1. How do you mount the included thermistor temperature sensor cable to a contact point? I wan't to mount it to my Samsung 950 Pro SSD.
    2. It doesn't stick, so what product do I need to use to affix it? Ideally I don't want it to permanently be affixed so I can remove it without damaging it or the SSD.

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    There is no specific location for the fan extension board to be mounted. You basically find a free space in your case and mount it however you can. As for the thermistor cable, use tape or just put it in a way that it will not fall off.

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