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    Wow. Asus has really gone off the deep end with this. I can't believe they designed their batteries to fail like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoapTurtle View Post
    Even if i rebuild the battery i'm going to have to put it in myself. And i really dont want to risk tampering with the computer to have it fail. I never kept my battery on the chagrer always let it off when i wasn't gaming much because i thought that was bad. Do you think that could be the problem? Even so for 4 months this is the worst battery on any laptop i have ever had. My last one survived 2 years on me basically doing the same thing and that wasn't even the problem.
    Yes if you rebuild it yourself then you will have to remove it and reinstall it. If your not comfortable with that then you wont be comfortable with a battery rebuild. If youve only had it 4 months just RMA it unless you cant because you bought it used refurbished or other in which case either rebuild it, replace it or take it to someone who will. Theres not another option considering the battery is charging its not the brick. You could possible refresh the cells and rebalance them but thats the same work as replacing the cells. If you lived in Los Angeles you could leave it with me for a day or you could ship it to me otherwise take it to a shop.
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