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    GPU Tweak- Windows 10 - 860m

    Okay so I am trying to get GPU Tweak running right for the 860m on my G750JM. When I originally bought the laptop it came with Windows 8 and an older version of Tweak. I upgraded to Windows 10 for the potential with xbone. But since then the version of tweak that came with the laptop was hit or miss in regards to working at all. I have tried various versions so far but none seem to work correctly. Either the control screens stay minimized and I can't expand them or it says it's running but actually isn't making the connection with the gpu ( I check with asus GPU monitoring ). I could use some help with anyone that may have insight on my issue. Apologies of not having version numbers I have tried, but I'm at work and trying to get some responses so when I get home I can start trying at it again. I can say I tried the newest for the supposed windows 10 compatible versions and the newest for windows 8. The older version had a really simply layout.

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