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    ASUS l ROG @ 3x3 OC SUMMIT

    This was a kick ass event! Thank you Intel* Corsair* OCZ* Antec* Dangerden for making it all happen. Thank you to OC Alliance* Team PURE* and Xtreme Systems for coming out and throwing down monster numbers!

    Team PURE: Jody Bailey* Brian Yuhas* Chris Morrell
    OC Alliance: Travis Jank* Robert Marique* Allen Golibersuch
    Xtreme Systems: Charles Wirth* Michael Graf* Brian McLaclan

    Choice of Hardware:
    ROG Rampage III Extreme (Flagship X58)
    ROG Maximus III Extreme (Flagship P55)
    Intel 980x Processor (6 core monster CPU)
    Intel 670 Processor (High frecuency capability)
    OCZ Vertex SSD (Extremely fast read/write speeds)
    Corsair Dominator GT (perfect match for ROG)
    Antec True Power Quattro 1200 watt (This thing was a beast)
    DangerDen Torture Racks (beautiful cases)

    As you walk in the doors to the 3x3 OC SUMMIT your jaws drop and your eyes bulge out.

    The day started out with Andrew our ROG product manager from HQ Taiwan.

    Followed by a brief presentation by Fancois from Intel.

    Everyone listening in on what needs to be said.

    Myself on stage to talk about some of the rules before the start of the competition.

    Handing out the goods

    Lets begin!

    All three teams preping their boards and stations!

    LN2 being poured (Liquid Nitrogen)

    POTS ready to roll

    This one looks like some crazy spaceship. its like a competition of who can make the craziest setup..

    Mike Graf looks gangster with the stog ready to overclock. lol

    Brian Y and Jody booting up.

    ROG connect was THE way to overclock at this event! Especially when your system is submerged* covered in vasaline* or covered in a wasp nest* you were still able to tweak your bios settings and boot from your laptop or even your phone!

    more to come...

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    at the end of the event here is how the scores tied up.


    1156 CPU-Z Frequency overclock - XTREME SYSTEMS
    1366 CPU-Z Frequency overclock - OC ALLIANCE WR
    1156 WPrime 1024m - XTREME SYSTEMS
    1366 WPrime 1024m - TEAM PURE
    1156 SuperPi 32m - TEAM PURE
    1366 SuperPi 32m - TEAM PURE
    1156 3Dmark Vantage - XTREME SYSTEMS WR
    1366 3Dmark Vantage - XTREME SYSTEMS
    1156 3Dmark06 - XTREME SYSTEMS WR
    1366 3Dmark06 - XTREME SYSTEMS


    1156 CPU-Z Frequency overclock
    1366 CPU-Z Frequency overclock - OC ALLIANCE WR
    1156 WPrime 1024m
    1366 WPrime 1024m
    1156 SuperPi 32m
    1366 SuperPi 32m
    1156 3Dmark Vantage - XTREME SYSTEMS WR
    1366 3Dmark Vantage
    1156 3Dmark06 - XTREME SYSTEMSR WR
    1366 3Dmark06

    SHOUT OUT to Antec, Corsair, Intel, and OCZ for being great partners and supporting us with AWESOME hardware!

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