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    Well, I've installed an OEM copy of Vista Home Premium on 11 different hardware configs and they all validated. After the fourth one, I was forced to use automated phone support, but I just enter the key and say "one" for how many machine's it's been installed on and that's that. I'd say just go for it.


    ATI has had up to 99% scaling on certain cards in crossfire before , my HD5770's scale from 85% to 105% most of the time. I don't think I'll ever figure out why multi-card was more efficient in some cases, most likely driver.
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    Well, that's why I said generally. It's true that ATI/AMD has gotten better but they've yet to take any all around crowns for any scaling reviews that I've seen.

    In the end it doesn't really matter though. Everything except the cutting edge in the GPU market is a performance per dollar consideration. It doesn't matter if a card scales slightly better than the equivalent if the equivalent is disproportionately cheaper.
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    Love the case but I'd definitely go with a 2600K and 30GB on your SSD is not enough to do much of anything in my opinion and you might even run into some space/partition issues if you only plan on putting windows 7 on it, other than that doesn't look too bad.

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