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    Battery Status: "97% plugged in, not charging" versus "100% fully charged"

    Hi Guys,

    I understand that there are some existing threads related to 751 battery. However, I find some of the contents and latest posts lacks confirmation and closure. Please correct me as necessary and appreciate if you can provide me better link or clarifications related to subject.

    This thread was created to have a better understanding of both status for those who experienced/are experiencing them.

    Here goes my concern:

    At the early weeks usage of my laptop ROG 751JY-72DB, I was seeing "97% percent, not charging" status at my battery icon when power is plugged in.

    I have taken it positively as I am guessing it's a system design to protect the battery life (which is also an info from some related posts here).

    Few more weeks later, the battery icon now shows "fully charged 100%".

    I am wondering why it does not say anymore the "not charging" status?

    I tried to use it in battery making the status drop to 95% and charge it, it goes back to fully charge 100%.

    The only settings I recall being changed is when will the display screen turns off.

    Technical concern has been raised to ASUS last NOV 22 and response should be available in few hours.

    Will let you know of the outcome.

    Hope you can help me.



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