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    I have the G752VY.

    I have the 950 PRO 512 GB NVMe SSD installed in one m2 slot and the default Samsung 951 128 GB NVMe in the other m2 slot. I have the 850 EVO SATA III 2.5 drive in the HDD slot (replacing it).

    The 950 PRO works and I'm booting windows off of it (see my other guide posts how I did it if you guys are curious) and the speeds I am getting, according to some benchmarking, seem about right. Device Manager recognizes the 950 PRO and so on.

    But I can't install the official samsung NVME controller drivers. I try to install and I get an error message saying the 950 NVMe device is not detected. Samsung Partition Magic software also does not recognize the 950 PRO, and puts it as the 850 EVO instead (it shows TWO 850 EVO drives instead of the 850 EVO and the 950 PRO drive. I know it is showing the 950 PRO as the second 850 EVO drive since doing speed tests with partition wizard on that drive letter show NVMe speeds, NOT SATA III speeds).

    I've also installed the intel controller drivers which made NO difference to the speed benchmarks (vs using the default MS driver) or the ability to install samsung official nvme controller drivers. I've also just updated to that new BIOS you guys linked to. This did NOT fix it -- I stil can't install the official drivers and the speed benchmark is about the same as it was before the bios update or the intel driver update.

    So yea, that's the state of things -- Asus still needs to fix the bios to support the 950 PRO officially, or at least fix the issue with the official samsung drivers NOT installing which means you can't use Partition Wizard.

    Here's the speed benchmark of the 950 PRO. As you see, it's about what it should be for the drive yes? So I don't know if the speeds should be faster. But maybe not having the official drivers working means the drive will burn out faster or something.

    The drive is fast, very fast (see my comparision post where I put it up against the 951 NVMe and the 850 EVO pro). But yea.

    Hope that helps and I hope asus fixes this.
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