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    You can download express gate from the ASUS site for the G73 . I would try re installing it and then see if you can get it to work. After that you can go into the uninstall area of windows and uninstall the program. It looks like it was not setup correctly as it is now.
    Also if I remember right express gate is in the recovery partition. Not sure though and I will have to check. But before I deleted the recovery partition I would have the system make the recovery DVDs . That way if you needed you would be able to do so and have the drivers and Op system that came with the computer .

    I do know that express gate is in the uninstall section as I checked and it is on mine.
    Doing this should help you get this fixed and working as you need and stop the errors that you are having.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spunkgamer View Post
    I would say if you don't plan on using express gate then disable it in bios. I never really understood the need of it as most of my pc's are so clean there boot to load time is less then 40 sec and if I was in that much of a rush I can't wait 40 sec. to surf web I need to get a life.
    Sorry my bad I also have a asus m3n72-d mobo with express gate and I was going off memory of turning it off in bios on that one just assumed it was do able with all expressgates.

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