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    SupremeFX Hi-Fi DAC as a standalone product?

    I can't express well enough how thrilled I am because of the fact you guys made some serious audio solution for 5.25" bays.
    I dreamed of it for several years now, especially since the moment I've built up my current PC in mini-itx chassis.
    That DAC has great design and concept utilizing 5.25 bay and usb2.0 front panel connector, both being pretty useless but ubiquitous these days. Not only that, it has some great chips in it as well, ES9018K2M, nice swappable op-amps and stuff.
    The only problem is that such a brilliant piece of engineering comes with Maximus VIII Extreme Assebly bundle only.

    So the point of creating this thread was to try to know if we'll see the SupremeFX Hi-Fi DAC as a separate product in the future or not.

    Please, PLEASE, tell me I'll be able to get it! =)
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