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    GTX 980 Matrix LN2 Bios help?

    Well I got around to testing out the LN2 bios on the card and have a few questions. I updated the standard BIOS on the card in position 1 (STD) to the BIOS listed on the site here. This did two things: It seemed to fix whatever displayport issue I was having with my VG248QE and also allowed the card to become stable at 1554 boost at the default voltage with +25% on the power limit which would normally crash at anything past 1500 or so.

    So now that I've been testing with the LN2 bios, it will NOT run stable past 1500 even with up to 1.35V given to the GPU and IDENTICAL settings in GPU tweak including the VRM clock. My theory is that the latest BIOS added some stability to the core to allow me to hit higher clocks (STD bios will let me hit almost 1.6ghz until it crashes in 3dmark).

    Is there a way I could get the latest BIOS version with the same power limits as the LN2 BIOS? It does still give me problems occasionally but its fixed with the BIOS listed above and I'd like to use it under water on the LN2 setting. I know this isn't an official ASUS forum but I know a few of the ASUS guys browse here so I though I'd ask.


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