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    G74SX 3D model - replace bluray drive with SSD possible?

    I barely use the Bluray disc drive on my Asus ROG G74SX 3D model.
    Is it possible to replace this bluray drive with an SSD drive - say 500GB SSD?

    I realize you can boot off of this BluRay slot so in theory I can clone my OS drive to it and boot off of the new SSD for ultra fast perf?

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    It is possible to replace the odd with a 2.5" hdd caddy.

    But from what I know the chipset in that laptop only have two sata3 ports and they're used in the internal hdd bays. So you really want to put a new ssd in one of the bays and move one of the hdds to the caddy. Since the odd sata port is only sata2 and that will be a limiting factor for a modern ssd speedwise.

    I use one of these caddys in my own laptop.
    Asus ROG G55VW:
    CPU: i7 3630QM
    GFX: Geforce GTX660M with 2GB ram
    RAM: 2x8Gb 2133MHz Kingston HyperX Impact (surprisingly the G55VW uses the 2133 X.M.P. profile)
    Storage: RAID0 with 2x 256Gb Crucial SSDs (both msata, one in a sata adapter)
    OS: Windows 10 x64

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