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    Unhappy Asus G20AJ-B11 Overheating Issues?

    I downloaded a program to check my temperatures since my friend said in his family their ASUS computers have been known for overheating, and upon opening, I get informed that my motherboard is at 254 degrees Fahrenheit. Believing this was in error, I downloaded another program to show me the temperature of the parts of my computer, only to get shown again the same numbers, and even more alarming numbers.

    I hope you don't judge me but I named my computer Cuddles and I would like them to have a very long lovely computer life, and I want to make sure everything is okay with my computer. Could these numbers possibly be in error? Should I have it checked, or bring it back and get it replaced? I just want my computer to be okay. I don't want to have to get it replaced.. if that makes sense. Sorry.

    Note that I can play games perfectly fine with extremely high FPS and all, no lag or anything, no signs of anything overheating, and even when I just start my computer from lots of resting or sleeping it still says it is very very hot. I'm just worried about maintaining my computer's health and the numbers that several programs have been giving me do not seem like they are normal according to many other websites.. With those numbers the first thing in my mind was "How has it not melted yet, why is my house not burning down?" so I am a bit concerned. Help! Would anyone know what could be wrong and what I could do to fix it, or if this is normal, or what is happening? Has anyone else had this problem and might have advice? Thank you!

    Sorry for messiness, I have anxiety problems. Click image for larger version. 

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    Also, question, is it bad to name a computer Cuddles? I just thought it'd be cute since my computer looks amazing and my laptop's name is Huggles, so I have Huggles & Cuddles. ... Also if you reply you get free huggles and cuddles.
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    try and post in notebook section to get ansvers you need

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