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    Cool Building an Intel CPU Gamer Box for my Son - Looking for Best cost effective Single S

    Budget: $1000 CAN $
    Main uses of intended build: Gaming - a little web surfing and that's it.
    Parts required: MB - CPU? - compatible RAM
    Previous build information (list details of parts): Reuse P-180 Case - Fans - PSU - Asus Optical Drive- Asus 24 inch Monitor - Wired Mouse & keyboard - CPU water cooler
    Monitor resolution: 1920 X 1080
    Storage requirements: Has a 1 TB Drive
    Will you be overclocking: no
    Any motherboard requirements (no. of USB, Xfire/SLI, fan headers):
    Extra information about desired system:


    My son, who loves to Game, wants me to build him a new Rig so I'm trying to get some perspective on what's the best cost effective MB he can buy for use with only a single slot GPU. He's not into SLI, or Crossfire, and only uses a single Asus LCD monitor. He seems perfectly happy with his present on board Audio as well.

    His present Rig has an i5 2500K installed on an Asus P8Z68-VLE MB, 16 Gigs of DDR3 Ram, and a Gigabyte GTX-770 Video Card. He says there are now a few games where he can't use the full graphics capability. It's almost 4 years old so (his Mom and I give him a new Graphics Card almost every Christmas though) but it's understandable the MB isn't able to utilise the full capability of the GPU anymore. (I put his old Rig together. Actually I built all his Rigs, but that's another story.)

    We are planning to (probably) give him a Gigabyte GTX-960 Video Card for Christmas (the local NCIX has it on Sale) as we can plug it into his existing Rig right away, even though he'll be limited by the PCIe 2.0 x16 on the P8Z68-VLE, and possibly the CPU as well. But it will form the first piece of the new Rig.

    A lot of the MBs I've used in recent years all seem to have multiple PCI 16 Slots even though we never use SLI or Crossfire; as we can't afford multiple monitor setups or 3 or 4 video cards. So it seems silly to pay for a lot of capability for no benefit if an alternate is available. I've been out of touch on the new generations of MBs since I built my latest Rig, and another for one of my brothers => both with an Asus Z87-A; and then a Rig for one of his sons with a Z87-Deluxe. All of them have single GPUs =>and you guessed it multiple PCIe x16 slots.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should just build him a Rig based on the Z87 MB as they are getting heavy discounts locally (saving him $$) and I expect some blowouts on Boxing Day (which is like Black Friday here in Canada) as I expect these MBs to be discontinued soon. But then I think that's 2 generations old, and possibly Gaming now and in the foreseeable future, needs more horsepower than even an i7 could produce on that platform.

    Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the assist.



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