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    G551J keyboard backlight

    Hello everyone, its my first post. I didn't find solution over the net. Could anyone tell me where to turn on keyboard backlight permanently?
    Now, if I want to login to Windows I have to turn on room light, type password, wait for ATK driver start, after backlight on I can turn off room lights. Cant work in DOS mode. Cant work in BIOS, because backlighted keyboard is not highlighted. Stupid, isn't it? Of course I made some search of "ATK" in the registry and change time value for few days, but what I want is backlight on for all the time. There is promising situation when laptop starts backlight turn on, but unfortunately after seconf light is down
    Is there any option or bios hack or other tweek to make keyboard's light on for all the time?
    I got few Lenovo laps in my job. All lights works in bios, dos, bash, whatever. Im able to change screen led's power without loading Windows - so how to make ASUS to work similar???

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