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    G74SX Need SATA cable for secondary drive.

    Intel Core I7 - 2670QM 2.2GHz
    NVIDIA GeForce GTW 560M

    C: - 180GB (Not sure where this drive is physically located???
    D: - 500GB (Secondary HDD 1st slot)

    I got a new SSD drive to replace my C:, but now I'm not sure where it is located since my D: is in the 1st slot, and the 2nd is empty.

    I'd like to add the SSD drive in the 2nd extra hard drive slot, however I have lost/trashed the SATA cable needed to connect it to the motherboard.

    Part Number: 60-N56HD1000-D02 (image attached)

    I've found records of it being sold on EBay and 3rd parties, but nothing for quite some time.

    I need one of two solutions:

    1) Where can I buy this part?

    2) Where is my C: physically located? Is it possible to replace this other drive with a 2.5" drive? (I'm assuming no since I cannot find it.)

    Thanks for any help and information you can provide.
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    Have you checked with Asus support if they can point you in the direction of whoever sells spare parts in your area? I know I can order stuff like this from a company in Sweden.

    Your C: is probably a msata ssd which is located in a special slot on the motherboard.
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    There is probably only one physical drive, the hard drive is probably partitioned out to 2 logical drives.

    As for the adapter you'll have to buy the parts separately, the only place you'll find them is over in Sweeden.

    Here's a link to the sata adapter board

    Here's a link to the 2nd hdd fcc cable

    I ordered these probably 6 months ago and it took a couple months to fill the order. If you want to buy the brand new parts that I have PM me and we can work something out.

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